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Assembly 18.1.2021

Well done   everyone for getting through another week of Remote Learning you are all stars of the week this week and your adults at school and at home!  

Please watch the short animated film  about  Jonah and the whale, today we will be focusing on saying sorry and how to make up with a friend after falling out.

This assembly looks at the importance of saying sorry and asking for forgiveness. The story Jonah and the whale comes from the Old Testament and can be linked to the Jewish festival of Yom Kippur ' the day of Atonement' a day of asking for forgivenes




Have a great day 

Everyone at Dorothy Barley Infants 

Jonah is told by God that he must go to Nineveh and tell the people living there to lead better lives or God will punish them. But Jonah doesn't want to do God's bidding to he jumps aboard a ship going in the opposite direction. God sends a great storm and the sailors throw Jonah overboard and he is promptly swallowed by the whale. Jonah spends three days in the whale's stomach praying to God for forgiveness and when a great fishy burp releases him he goes straight to Nineveh and delivers God's message.