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Barley year 2


My name is Barley

Thank you for looking after me. I don't like being at school at the weekend. Its dark and cold and I miss the children. Please record our adventures so I can show Mrs James what I have been doing. I am looking forward to my weekend with you because you have been chosen by your teacher for being a kind person. 

Love Barley.


Bobby 4.10.2019
Lilliana 11.10.2019
Arman 15.11.2019
Haniya 22.11.2019
Haniya 22.11.2019
Caiden 29.11.2019
Oliver Mimms Banwell 6.12.2019
Maximus 13.12.2019
Maximus 13.12.2019
Olivia 19.12.2019
Kian  10.1.2020
Zayn 17.1.2020
Freddy 24.1.2020
Ashley 31.1.2020
Vanessa 6.3.2020