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Before and After School Club

Temporary School Entrance and Exit arrangements

All parents and children entering the school site must use the Davington Road entrance.

This includes those families using Breakfast Club and After School Club .

Please telephone the school office or the After School Club telephone number if you require assistance.

 Thank you for you cooperation.

Breakfast Club


Here at Dorothy Barley Infant School we run our own Breakfast Club, entrance located on the field.


Breakfast Club starts at 7am and the children go straight to class when school starts at 8.55am.


The cost of the club is £3.50 per hour, per child. All payments are to be made in advance online via ParentPay.


We have a wide range of breakfasts available for the children such as; toast (available with various spreads), cereals, spaghetti/beans on toast, pancakes, yoghurt, fruit, breakfast bars etc. as well as juice, milk and water. 


Once the children finish their breakfast there are lots of different activities, games and toys that the children can enjoy. 


If you would like your child to attend our Breakfast Club simply fill out one of our forms below and return to the school office.

After School Club


Like Breakfast Club, After School Club is now run by the staff at Dorothy Barley Infant School.

It can also be located in our school dinning hall, the entrance to which can be found on the school field.

The club is not just for working parents, it is open to every infant child

After School Club runs from 3.15pm - 5.45pm everyday. 


It will cost £3.50 per child until 4.30pm, after that time it will be a fixed rate of £10 per child.


Dinner will be provided for every child that attends. 


There will also be a wide range of games and activities for the children to enjoy.


If you would like your child to attend you can pick up an application form from the school office.