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Over the next few weeks we will slowly be revealing a new book.



Look at the map below, you may want to print this off if you have the facilities to do so.

Allow your child time to explore and discuss the map, noting the names of the regions and what they might mean about the story.

What can we see?

Where might this be?

What questions do you have about the story?

What do you want to find out?

Would you like to go?

Encourage your child to think about what genre the story might be written in, make predictions about the story.


Today we are going to look at the front cover of the book and the character that we will be learning about.

Open up the front cover below.

What do you notice – Is there anything that surprises you or is unusual?

What do you want to find out?

Who might these characters be?

What is their relationship? Why do you think that?

Now look closer at the characters, using a piece of paper describe what you can see about these characters. Try to use adjectives such as friendly, bossy, grumpy.

On a piece of paper draw a picture of bear, we are going to now write down what we think we can tell about this character from the first impression.

Then try to think about what she might be thinking, Rabbit is wagging his finger at her. Does she like this?



Thinking about our characters yesterday we are now going to focus more on bear. What do you know about this animal in real life?

Where do they live?

What do they eat? Etc

Let’s start by finding out what kind of bear our character is. Look through the bear cards below and decide what kind of bear you think we have.


That’s right it’s a brown bear, now let’s find out more about this type of bear. Look at the photo sheet of bears in their natural habitat or have a look on google and find pictures of the brown bear. Let’s think about what we would like to find out about bears. There is a table below for you to complete. Start with things that you may know about the brown bear already. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything as we are going to learn about it tomorrow.

Then complete the middle section with things you would like to find out, hopefully we can complete this tomorrow.



Today we are going to be looking at the brown bear in more detail, start by watching the clips below – Disney nature – This contains some blood when the bear catches the salmon.


Have a look at the PowerPoint below and make notes about what you learn, you may also want to find more brown bear facts using the internet ready to write about them next week.