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Lesson 1

Look at the illustration below

What does this picture remind you of?

Would you like to meet Bob?

What do you think his hobbies might be?

What would you like to know about Bob?


Write a list of questions to ask Bob remember to use a capital letter at the beginning and a question mark at the end.

Email your questions to the school office for the attention of Mrs Koniotes


Lesson 2

Read the letter below to your child.

Look at the story - Bob the man on the Moon – By Simon Bartram

What have you now learnt about Bob? Look at each picture and discuss the aliens hidden within each picture, how many aliens can they spot throughout the story?

Draw your favourite scene from the story making sure that you have hidden aliens that Bob cant see.

Children can add speech or thought bubbles to the picture.



Dear Class ,

Thank you for writing to me! I am so happy that you are interested in knowing more about me.

My name is Bob Jones and I have an amazing job! I work on the moon. I have sent you my book to learn more about me and hopefully answer some of your questions.




Lesson 3

Look at real pictures of the moon or watch moon landing, what do they think the moon is made from? Does anyone live there? Do they think aliens could live there?

Write a letter as though they have visited the moon reporting bac down to their family on Earth.



Lesson 4

Explain to your child in order to keep Bobs job going he needs to attract more tourists to the moon. Discuss what they learnt from the book and the things Bob likes to do and show people.

Design a poster A day trip to the moon.

Look at the examples below.