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This week we will be using the talk for writing booklet called Superheroes

Read the story on page 4 and 5 or listen to the story being read using the sound cloud link in the pack.

Monday 1.3.2021


Complete the vocabulary challenge on pages 5 and 6. Read the sentence aloud and talk about what the word means then match to the definition.

Now that you have read the story read the story again and respond to the headings on page 7

Tuesday 2.3.2021
You may need to read the story again or have it on your screen as you answer the questions on todays reading challenge. (page 8
Wednesday 3.3.2021

Todays challenge is creative, you are going to become a superhero. Today you will decide your superhero name, power and outfit. Complete pages 9,10 and 11.

If you wanted to you could make your own superhero cuffs following the activity on page 12.

Don’t forget to send us some pictures it would be lovely to see your superhero names.

Thursday 4.3.2021

Todays task is poetry based, you must read the start of the poem which is all about the dogs super power of listening. Can you complete the poem thinking about what he may hear with his super hearing.

Page 14

Friday 5.3.2021

Today is our final day of becoming a superhero you will today design your superhero pet, will it be a dog like Sammy or some other super pet, don’t forget to think about what your pet can do.

Pages 15 and 16