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This week we will be using the booklet from talk for writing called Bob, the bubble who wanted to be useful. You can read the story in the booklet or listen to the sound cloud link below.

Monday 1.3.2021


Talk together about the story and complete Bobs bubbles on page 5. then complete page 7 who said what? Can you remember what happened in the story? 



Tuesday 2.3.2021


Today is a reading quiz, you may need to listen to the story again before starting todays lesson. Can you answer the questions on page 8 all about the story. 

Then create your own puppets and retell the story to your parents or siblings. 


Wednesday 3.3.2021

Look at the story path on page 12 of your booklet can you think of a sentence to go with each picture in the story. Then on Page 13 have a go at completing the sentences all about a bubble called Bob. 


Thursday 4.3.2021


Today we are going to read the poem all about bubbles you can find thi on page 14 of your booklet. Read it with an adult a couple of times and see if you can clap along a rhythm to match the poem. 

If you have the resources in your home you could try to make the bubble picture like on page 15


Friday 5.3.2021

Today we are creating a science experiment. ~You will find a pipe cleaner in your pack 

Do you think different shaped bubble wands will make different shaped bubbles? 

Have a try at making the shapes in your booklet

complete page 18 and 19. 

Don't forget to send us pictures of you doing your work and experiments we would love to see.