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Tuesday 4.5.2021

Look at the picture below of the little girl pulling the boat towards the crocodile who is holding a map. Use the following questions to discuss the picture with your child. 

Tell me

What do you notice in this picture?

Is there any thing you like about it? Why? why not? 

Is there anything you dislike?

Does it remind you of anything? 

Does anything puzzle you?

What kind of story do you think this will be?

What can you say about the characters?

What would you like to find out? 


You can make a list of responses that we can look back upon as the story unfolds. 

Wednesday 5.5.2021


Read the page below aloud or listen to it read aloud on the video resources centre. Think about the two characters, What does this say about each of the characters? What do you think you might know about them? How do they feel about each other? What makes you think that? 


With your child write down their ideas about the characters so far around an outline of each character. 

Now think about what the charcacters might be thinking, discuss the difference between thoughts and actions.

Write a short description to describe Anna. 


Thursday 6.5.2021


Look at the front cover of the book below, What do you think this story may now be about? 

Go to the video resource centre and look at video 2. 

Ask your child to make a plan on how they might find gold, on a large sheet of paper draw annotations. You couold use other pirtae treasure maps or books to support your ideas. 

Ask your child what will they need to think about? 

What preperations may you need to dig for gold? 

What would you need to take with you? 

What might be dangerous or difficult and how might you overcome these problems? 


Support your child to generate some sentences to go with their plan. Eg - you will need a strong bag to carry the gold. 

Write a series of sentences to match the plan. 


Friday 7.5.2021


Explore the illustration in which Anna and the crocodile have created a large map. 

Tell me.....

Where do you think Anna and the crocodile are going to go? 

What makes you think that?

Does this remind you of anything you know in real life or stories? 

Do you have any questions? Does anything puzzle you?

Now listen to part 3 in the video resource centre. 

Where would you go in your search for gold? 

What might happen on your adventure? 

Create a map that will help Anna and the crocodile to find gold.