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Home learning packs are available for all year groups on the website.

Please check regularly as learning for all year groups is updated weekly with more activities you can do at home together.

Thank you for your continued support.

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Online Learning

The government has set up an online classroom which was launched this week. It is called the Oak National Academy.

Parents are able to access this online classroom via the link below. Our year group teams have reviewed the lessons and have produced the following tips to help you and your child to get the most out of these learning resources.


Week beginning : 6.7.2020



😄Mrs McNicol and the EYFS Team


A message from the Year One Team

Click on Year 0ne and you will find 3 lessons for each day of the week. 

Hello Year 1 Children, Parents and Carers

In English this week you will be listening to a poem called ‘Year Groups’. You will have a chance to read the poem out loud, add some actions to the words and answer questions about the poem. You will then move on to identifying words that rhyme and identifying syllables. Finally you will have the opportunity to plan and write your own poem. 

This week in maths you will explore capacity. You will start by investigating and using the language of comparison for capacity, where you will compare the capacities of two containers. You will then move on to comparing capacities using a non-standard unit of measurement (cupful). Next you will learn to compare different volumes and use the vocabulary associated with volume. You then have the opportunity to apply your understanding of halves and quarters to capacity. Finally you be introduced to a standard unit of measurement, where you explore a litre.

The foundation lessons start with PHSE on Monday where you will learn about healthy eating and healthy portions of food. You will learn how to make a healthy plate and sort foods into groups. In geography we continue to learn about oceans. You will learn about animals that live in our oceans and the habitats they live in. Later in the week you will move on to learning how to protect our oceans. In science, we find out how we can make and describe different sounds. You will have the opportunity to make sounds using your body and kitchen utensils and describe different sounds by their pitch or volume. You will also have a chance to complete a sound experiment! Friday has a lovely art lesson where you will explore the technique of blending. You will make some artwork inspired by an artist called Frank Bowling, who is a British artist who makes abstract art. Don’t forget to look at BBC Bitesize too. They have some great learning ideas and lessons!

Have a great week everyone.

Take care and stay safe!

Year 1 Teachers



Take care and try to stay safe,

Year 1 Teachers

😄Mrs Thomas and the Year One Team


A message from the Year Two Team

Click on Year Two and you will find 3 lessons for each day of the week.

Hello Year 2 children and parents. 

In English this week you will continue to look at the book ‘The Odyssey - Retold by Louis Stowell’ you will start the week reading parts of the text and learning how to retrieve information. On Wednesday you will learn to identify and use fronted adverbials. Thursday is all about how to map a recount before ending the week writing your own recount of The Odyssey.

In Maths this week you will continue to look at multiplication, you will be looking at the  2,3,4,5 and 10 times tables. You will be learning how to recognise the relationship with the inverse between multiplication and division.

In Geography you will continue to look at settlements, this week is all about cities, you will explore different types of land use, including residential areas, industrial areas, as well as how cities grow and develop. Science continues to focus on space, this week you will be learning how and when space was discovered. You will create a timeline to help you to remember the key dates. PSHE is very important, you will be learning all about healthy eating, you will learn about healthy portion sizes. Why not try 'ready, steady, snack!' where you'll learn some tips on how to prepare a scrumptious healthy snack for you and your family. In Spanish this week you will combine your vocabulary learnt and use this to describe family members and pets. Finally in Art you will make some art work inspired by Frank Bowling. He is a British artist who makes abstract art. He uses lots of different techniques like dripping, spilling and pouring to make some incredible pieces. 

Have a great week and stay safe!

😄Mrs Palfreman and the  Year Two Teachers


All year groups - don't forget P.E. with Joe Wicks each morning!




Summer Reading Challenge 2020


Online Challenge


Barking and Dagenham Libraries will be encouraging local children to take part in this years Summer Reading Challenge.  Due to the current lockdown this year’s challenge will run online at with the theme “Silly Squad.


This year children set their own challenge to read any amount of books

during the Challenge from June to September, with children being encouraged to read anything that makes them happy – whether it be comics, joke books, poetry, fiction or non-fiction; in digital or print format; from e-book lending through the public library service or from  what they already have at home.


Online e-books for children are free for Barking and Dagenham library members, and those signing up for membership now are able to use them straight away with the online account number supplied.  Details of the e-books and comics for children, Ziptales online reading platform and Summer Reading Challenge videos with celebrity readers and more  can be found  on the Pen to Print website


Families are encouraged to join in and ‘Get Silly’ with downloadable activities, games, quizzes and more. New content will be added each week, the fun will continue throughout the summer to keep families engaged


Reading Agency information about the benefits of reading

·       A recent survey commissioned by The Reading Agency showed that 45% of young people are reading more during lockdown.

·       Reading for pleasure is a more important determination of children’s educational success than their families’ socio-economic status. [Sullivan and Brown (2013) Social inequalities in cognitive scores at age 16: The role of reading]

·       Studies show that 16-year-olds who read for pleasure outside school are more likely to secure managerial or professional jobs later in life. [Taylor (2011) Reading at 16 linked to better job prospects]

·       Statistics show that 1 in 5 children in England cannot read well by the age of 11 [DfE (2015) Reading: the next steps p.13]



Useful website ideas and activities to do at home with your children

30 day Lego challenge