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In maths we are looking at repeated addition with equal sized groups. 




Watch the first video then count in 2s, 5s and 10s along the number line, drawing in the jumps as you go.




Have a go at the questions on the video, then take 2 dice and roll them. Make that number of groups of 2 or 5 counters. Can you write it as a repeated addition and then find the total?

You can roll the dice and count out 2p, 5p and 10p coins too. How much money do you have?




Now we will be looking at arrays. Watch the video to see how we can arrange counters to make an array, then look at the ones on the work sheet.




Watch the video on making arrays. It asks you to try to make some arrays of your own. Get some counters and have a go.





Watch the video on doubling to the end. It asks you to think of some more numbers to double. Try the doubles on the sheet and then you can roll some dice or simply pick a number below 20 and double it by doubling the tens and then the ones. Use counters if you like.