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Monday 1.3.2021



We are looking at addition today and the numbers that add together to make 9.

Use 9 counters and split them into 2 groups. These 2 groups add to 9.

How many ways are there to add two numbers to make 9?

Can your child order them to make a pattern? This will help them to see if they have missed any out




3+6=9  etc.

Now try the bonds to 9 number ‘wordsearch’

Tuesday 2.3.2021


Today we are doing the same as yesterday but with our bonds to 10.

Use counters to find the pattern.

Cover some counters and see how many you can see. How many must be under your hand to make 10? Learn the bonds to 10. Try the bonds to 10 sheet.

Wednesday 3.3.2021


10+10=20. This helps us know our bonds to 20.

13+7=20 because 3+7=10, and we have another 10 in the 13.

Use the bonds to 10 to find the answers to the bonds to 20 on the sheets

Thursday 4.3.2021

Double means to add 2 numbers that are the same.

Use your fingers to double numbers to double 5.

Now use counters or draw to show doubles to double 10.

Write a number on one side of a piece of paper and its double on the other side.

If you can say the double you keep the card. How many did you get? Try again and try to beat your score.

Now try the double sheets.

Friday 5.3.2021



Today we have some number stories. Can you find the addition in the story? Find the answer. Can you make a number story of your own? See if some one in your family can find the answer.