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Through our music curriculum the children will develop key skills, such as singing, listening and composing. They will be taught important vocabulary such as pitch, rhythm, beat, tempo, fast, slow, loud and quiet (dynamics). They will listen to different styles of music and be encouraged to express themselves in a variety of ways, for example dance, composition and drama. 


At our school, Music is enjoyed through choir and recorder club as well as through the teaching and learning carried out in lesson time.


Class music lessons have a variety of aims: to be able to improvise and compose music; to be able to use notation; to be able to appreciate and evaluate music; to be able to perform music by singing and working with different instruments and in different types of groups; to develop aural memory and to begin to acquire an understanding of musical history.  Our ethos for music lessons is to give children an opportunity to experiment, explore and see what they can do when performing and improvising by giving them the necessary skills and equipment. We give children a chance to feel inspired musically with whatever knowledge they bring to that lesson and to be able to be involved whatever their instrumental experience and ability. We aim to awaken their awareness of what is possible and if we can do that with children when they have little or no musical knowledge then there is no limit to what they can achieve once we’ve caught their imagination.