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Ideas for Activities at Home

Week beginning 29.6.2020
This week in school we are reading the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.  We are also learning the song 'I am the Music Man'.   Follow the links below for access to the story and lyrics.  If you would like a learning pack please come to the school office to get your copy.

Can you  ‘direct’ your family to role play the story?  Who would make the best giant? Why?  Who will play Jack?  If you don’t have real beans what could you use instead?  Can you change the story in any way?


If you climbed a magic beanstalk up to the clouds what would you find there?  What kind of adventures would you have.  Tell your story to your family.

If you can’t print this track game how can you make your own?

I am the Music Man Lyrics

This week in Nursery we are reading the book The mixed up Chameleon by Eric Carle why not use this link to listen to the story at home.

You could go on a colour hunt in your home and see how many different colours you can find.