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Science week experiments.

Science Week

During science week Mr Ratford came to visit and he brought along some insects and reptiles. We had the chance to see how they moved, look at the types of food they ate and even got to hold some. The children loved George the chameleon, some children even held Rocket the Tortoise. 




 As part of our 'London Belongs to Me' Topic we have been venturing out to explore our local environment and beyond.



Our first trip took us to the landmark which our class is named after.  We took the bus and walked.  All the children were very good at keeping safe on the road and on the bus.  

Valence House

Eastbury Manor House

Barking Abbey

Then we took a BIG trip into London to visit the Buckingham Palace Mews. We took a bus and a train to get all the way to Victoria. We meet a very nice storyteller named Sheila.  She told us a story about Queen Elizabeth II's coronation.  A naughty corgi hid some of the items needed for the horses  and we helped to find them.     Ask us about some of the things we saw and learned.  

Eastbury Manor House