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Science Day

Hi everyone at Dorothy Barley Infant School,


Due to the current pandemic and science being extremely important at this time, we thought it would be a great opportunity to promote science and STEM related careers. We will be holding a Science Day on Friday 12th June and we ask for all children attending school to come dressed as someone from a science/engineering related career. If your child is not at school they can still take part and dress up at home. Examples include:

· Lab technician

· Doctor/Nurse

· Vet/vet nurse

· Engineer

· Mechanic

· Professor

· Zoologist

· Astronaut

· Pilot

· Forensic scientist

· Boat captain

The children at school will take part in a range of science experiments throughout the day. Children at home can choose some of the experiments that we will post online shortly, so keep an eye out and choose which ones you may like to complete and collect the equipment you will need ready for Friday 12th June. If you are completing the home experiments please remember to take photographs and send them to the office email:

Our hope is that we will raise the children’s opinions of science as well as their aspirations in science-based careers.


We thank you for your support.

Below are some exciting experiments for the whole family.  If you would like to share your experiments with us at school please send you photographs to the office with the subject: Science Day.  Please note you may need to sign up for a free Twinkl account to access some of the experiments. This is a limited offer and may be a useful resource for your family.
For the experiments below watch the video and remember to download the activity information sheet and questions.