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Science Day

Hi everyone at Dorothy Barley Infant School,


All of the children will be taking part in Science Week from Monday 10th May to Friday 14th May. On Monday we have duckling eggs arriving and the children will spend the next couple of weeks watching them hatch. We also have ladybird eggs in Year 2 and the children will be observing them grow.


On Monday and Tuesday Spirit of the Wild will be visiting us to show all the year groups lots of different animals. Some classes will also be visiting our local park throughout the week.  


On Friday we are having a science non-uniform day. We are asking for all the children to come to school dressed up as someone in a scientific/engineering related career! Examples include:

· Lab technician

· Doctor/Nurse

· Vet/vet nurse

· Engineer

· Mechanic

· Professor

· Zoologist

· Astronaut

· Pilot

· Forensic scientist

· Boat captain


The children will take part in a range of science experiments throughout the week. Below are some experiments that you may like to try out at home. If you are completing the home experiments you may wish to take photographs for the children to bring into school to show and discuss with their peers.


Our hope is that we will raise the children’s opinions of science as well as their aspirations in science-based careers.


We thank you for your support.


For the experiments below watch the video and remember to download the activity information sheet and questions.