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Sports Premium

Dorothy Barley Infant School

PE and School sports funding expenditure.

2018 - 2019



How Dorothy Barley Infant uses the PE and sport premium.

We use the funding to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport that we offer.


Total SP Received 

£18, 210

Total SP expected expenditure 


SP remaining



This means that we use the premium to:

  • Develop or add to the PE and sport activities that our school already offers.
  • Make improvements now that will benefit pupils now and those joining the school in future years.
  • Enable our staff work together to give the children a secure set of sporting skills.
  • To inspire the children by inviting professional sportsmen and women to school.
  • To share their passion for sport and as role models for our pupils.
  • Dorothy Barley Infants strives for success and have been developing our pupils to participate in inter-school competitions. Pupils have participated in visits to the swimming festival at Abbey Leisure Centre, Barking and the Primary Panathalon at Barking Abbey School.

The school is always looking for opportunities to develop sport and fitness and we have spent significantly more than the Government grant to ensure our children benefit from the best provision.



For example, we use our funding to:

  • Hire qualified sports coaches to work with teachers. The school employ a PE specialist coach who runs extra sessions, after school and holiday clubs and assists with special sporting events such as Health and Fitness Week and Sports Day.
  • Enable our Sport coach to work with small groups of children at lunchtimes to support physical development and also to boost confidence and friendships.
  • Provide existing staff with training or resources to help them teach PE and sport more effectively.
  • Introduce new sports or activities and encourage more pupils to take up sport.
  • Support and involve the least active children by running additional clubs in school hours.
  • Renew membership to aFPE and the boroughs competition trust.
  • Take part in the borough SEN activities and competitions.
  • Fund children to participate in the local dance project – Big dance.


Previous Successes:

  • Increased participation in sports clubs across the school.
  • An increased number of after school clubs offered in KS1.
  • Increased participation in borough SEN activities and clubs in school.
  • Awarded bronze for the Healthy Schools Award.


Objectives for 2018/2019.


PE and Sports Clubs


  • To monitor, evaluate and order new Val Sabin planning where needed.
  • To continue to provide a wide range of after school clubs across the school free of charge.
  • To send teachers on CPD courses.
  • To order new equipment where needed.
  • Introduce the daily mile.
  • Participate in the borough mile.
  • Soccer aid – Children to design and take part in their own soccer obstacle course.
  • Pupils have the opportunity to decide which activities are provided.
  • Behaviour is good across all lessons as well as PE and this includes lunch and play times.
  • Our children are challenged and inspired to achieve high levels in all subjects.
  • They make good or outstanding progress and achievements are celebrated including their participation in community clubs.




Health and Well Being.


  • To aim to get silver for the Healthy Schools Award.
  • Encourage children to drink water in school.
  • To continue to develop our SRE programme.
  • To consolidate our Rights Respecting Silver award.
  • To continue to employ our counsellor to work with children through Art therapy









Miss Ditchburn and SLT will evaluate the above objectives termly. We will track the impact of the money to ensure that our children are benefiting from the above plan. The impact of the above will be analysed by


  • End of key stage data
  • Outcomes
  • Intervention analysis
  • Outcomes of observations and learning walks.
  • General feedback.



Plans for 2019 / 2020


  • To provide a gardening club where children can learn to grow their own fruit and vegetables.
  • To provide a cooking club for children where they can learn to cook healthy snacks and also later on in the year cook the vegetables they have grown.
  • To attend more trips to the supermarkets such as Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s where the children learn where food comes from and what a healthy diet looks like.
  • To increase the number of children registered with a dentist.
  • To partake in the Colgate teeth programme for KS1.
  • To have the majority of children in KS1 cleaning their teeth properly twice a day.
  • Visit from the Colgate dental truck for EYFS and KS1.
  • To take part in the Royal ballet dance initiative – year 2.
  • To develop the school playground to encourage active playtimes.
  • Run events in the lead up to Tokyo 2020