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Staying Healthy

Staying Healthy


School and packed lunches

All our school meals are provided by our in school cook who has healthy food at the heart of the kitchen. Food is prepared on site and a wide range if food is served in order to encourage a balanced diet. Wherever possible, this includes the use of fresh fruit and vegetables each day as a choice for the children. They provide a hot meal which is balanced, healthy and nutritional.

Some children bring a packed lunch into school. We advise that these are as healthy as possible including fruit and vegetables as part of a balanced meal. We do not allow sweets, chocolate bars or fizzy drinks. See the website below for ideas on a healthy packed lunch.


Water for all

Cooled water is freely available throughout the school day to all members of the school community. Water fountains are located in the children’s toilet areas. Children are encouraged to bring a water bottle into school with them, classes have cups available for water throughout the day. Children may drink their water at any time during the school day except during the 15 minutes assembly. Regular breaks are built into the school day and curriculum by the class teachers. EYFS abd KS1 children are also reminded to drink water during fruit and milk time.



All our under 5s are entitled to free milk which is organised by cool milk and Donna in the school office. Children over the age of 5 can still have milk if their parents choose to pay for this using the cool milk website. See the links below.



In Early years and key stage one there are a number of opportunities for pupils to develop knowledge and understanding of health, including healthy eating patterns and practical skills that are needed to understand where food comes from such as shopping, preparing and cooking foods.

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