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Year 2

Waterstones - We went to Waterstones in Ilford to use our world book day vouchers.

Science - Habitats Barking Park 


The children visited Barking Park to explore three different types of habitats, wetland, grassland and woodland. As they were exploring the children identified plants and animals within each habitat. They discussed why living things live in habitats to which they are suited and how they provide the basic needs for animals and plants.

Science week

During Science week we had a visit from Spirit of the wild. They brought in a range of animals including snakes, birds, mini beasts, a tenrec and even a meerkat. We learnt all about their habitats and diets in the wild. Ask us all about this visit. 

Victorian Day 

We have been learning all about life in the Victorian times. Our teachers turned our classrooms into a Victorian school, we had to use chalk to write, had nail inspections and drill with the headteacher. Look at all the fun we had. 

Kensington Palace 

Year 2 visited Kensington Palace as part of their history work on Queen Victoria. Kensington Palace was where Victoria spent most of her childhood. They saw the room she was born in and the rooms she played and learned in They also had the opportunity to play with some of her toys and compare them to their own. All the children were very well behaved and had very positive comments from members of the public and palace staff.

We received a letter and certificate from the Historical Royal Palaces

St Paul's Cathedral


During the week beginning the 6th of January all of the year 2 classes visited St Paul's Cathedral. We walked to Becontree station and took the District line to Mansion House Station. Once at the Cathedral the children thoroughly enjoyed a workshop all about The Great Fire of London. We learn't about why the Cathedral burnt down, who re built it and looked carefully at the beautiful statues, ceilings and architecture around the Cathedral. We then walked to see The Monument and Pudding Lane where the fire began. 

Ask us all about or trip. 


Year 2 have been learning about materials. 


The children identified and sorted materials into natural and man-made materials. They then explained to their partner why a particular material is man-made or natural.  Next the children made a collage by splitting their page into half. On one side of their page they could only use natural materials and on the other side of their page they could only use man-made materials. Look at our collages below. 

Gymnastics -  Autumn term 2


In Gymnastics this half term we have been learning to travel, roll, jump and balance. We used these gymnastic moves to create our own sequences. Look at our moves below ...


In R.E we have been learning all about Advent. We made our own Christingle. Did you know this means 'Christ's Light'?

We used an orange to represent the world, a candle for the light of God, 4 cocktail sticks for the 4 seasons or compass points. The sweets represent the good things God gives us and the red ribbon his blood. 

Look at our Christingles below. 

In Maths we have been learning all about position and direction. We have been working had to make turns clockwise and anti clockwise, we thought about quarter turns, half turns and full turns. 

Maths - position and direction

Year 2 has a drama performance which taught us all about the Great fire of London. The children took part and found out more about life in 1666. Make sure you ask us all about the events and what happened.