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Year 2

Don't forget to log onto your bug club and read some great books. If you have forgotten your log in please contact the school office. 

Printed school work packs are available from the office every 2 weeks. 

This week in school the children will be reading the book 'Silly Billy' why not watch the video link below. 

Talk about what might make me feel worried? What to do if you are worrying? Who do you talk to? What did Billy make to help him when he was feeling worried? How could we make our own worry dolls? ( see sheet below)

Why not find out more about where worry dolls originate from. Where is Guatemala on a wold map? How long do you think it would take for us to get there? Can you find out what language people in Guatemala speak? Can you find out where the idea or 'Worry dolls came from? is a useful link if you need geographical facts.